HydroBio Advance

HydroBio® Advance – Online method to determine and monitor biofilm in all water systems.

Biofilms are a problem in nearly all different kinds of industries using water in their process. Biofilm in water and especially in cooling systems has the ideal conditions to grow: right temperature, high amount of nutrients and a lot of sunlight.  The control of biofilm in water, therefore, is essential to limit the growth of microorganisms especially of pathogens like Legionella. Now available with new features like automatic flow compensation for fouling measurements and a new sensor for geothermal applications up to 250° C.

Biofilm formation takes place on the surface of pipes and tubes, they origin from airborne contamination and therefore cannot be avoided in cooling towers. Monitoring the biofilm thickness, therefore, becomes crucial for the control of the microbiology in any water distribution system.

Kurita's HydroBio® Advance is a process approved monitor using an innovative online method to determine and monitor biofilm. As the biofilm develops on the surface of tubes also HydroBio® Advance measures the biofilms on the surface of a special tube or sheet sensor. This innovative method combines a highly sensitive measurement of heat transfer with the determination of biofilms. Despite being highly sensitive the measurement is very robust and is not being affected by suspended solids, colour or the turbidity of the water.

HydroBio® Advance is designed not only to measure the thickness and development of the biofilm but also is able to show the biofilm removal resulting from a disinfection treatment: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With HydroBio® Advance, you adjust in real time your treatment program: the right products, the right dosage at the right time. Respond to changes faster and improve the reliability of your treatment with real-time information using the Kurita HydroBio® Advance.

Each year biofilms costs industry billions:

  • Biofilms reduce heat transfer and increase your energy requirements
  • Biofilms provide an environment for anaerobic bacteria which corrode your system
  • Biofilms are a source for pathogens bacteria like Legionella

That is why the online monitoring and the control of the biofilm and its thickness are essential in water systems.  HydroBio® Advance practically allows seeing what happens on the surface inside the pipes.

HydroBio® Advance allows you to save up to 50% of overall operational costs: 

  • Reducing biocide consumption and environmental footprint

  • Reducing microbial corrosion
  • Reducing maintenance costs and system downtime

  • Improving your system performance
  • Ensuring the safety and health of your workers
  • Use the right products at the right time