Drinking Water Treatment

 Kurita has developed special products for the prevention of any problems in the preparation, transportation or use of drinking water for drinking water treatment. Our technologies can be used in all kinds of facilities that supply water from municipalities to private buildings (eg hotels, universities, hospitals and homes) under all circumstances.


What kind of products does Kurita offer?
Corrosion and lime inhibitors, hardness stabilizers

  •  Metaqua®
  •  Siliphos® 
  • Integration Method


  •  Ferrocid® 5280-S 

Water treatment and clarification

  •  Kurifloc / Gilufloc® 
  • Kuriverter / Osmotech®

 Why Kurita?

  • Prevents lime and deposit formation and consequent blockage of pipes 
  • Prevents corrosion, breakage of pipes and brown water leaks 
  • Proven to be not harmful to health 
  • Opportunity to use multi-functional products: corrosion prevention-hardness stabilization - disinfectant 
  • Legionella control 
  • High quality standards regulation meets food quality requirements and restrictions as well as compliance with national legislation (NSF) 
  • Do you need support? Our experienced specialists will be happy to share their recommendations for our tailor-made solutions.

* Caution: Biocides should be used with due regard to safety precautions. The label and product information must be read before using.