Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

The challenges of the wastewater treatment system depend largely on water quality. Kurita develops different products and solutions for improving water quality and wastewater treatment, respecting the relevant legislation and the environment. Due to the increased environmental sensitivity and current legislative restrictions, most industrial plants that use water already have wastewater treatment plants. Different Kurita technologies carefully adapt to the needs of each plant through optimization and improvement of water quality while lowering operating costs. We offer complete solutions for efficient, optimized wastewater treatment and improved water reuse in your facilities and work closely with our customers to minimize discharges, and this is one of our main goals.

What kind of products does Kurita offer?
We offer complete and innovative conditioning programs for a wide range of applications.

Water Purification: 

Kurifloc / Gilufloc®, Ferrofloc®: Natural, organic, inorganic or mixed coagulants and adsorption agents.

Kurifloc / Gilufloc®, Ferrocryl®: Wide range of anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric products in powder, water-based or emulsion flocculants.

Kurifloc / Gilufloc®, Ferrocryl®: Special products for sludge dewatering.

Emulsion Crushers:

 Kuriflock and Ferrolin®: Natural, organic emulsion crushers which can react at neutral pH and without heating for better utilization of waste oil and emulsions.

Innovative emulsion crushers for a sharp oil-water separation.

Natural and organic oil dewatering agents reduce the amount of concentrated oil by minimizing the amount of water in the oil.

Biological waste water treatment: 
Biotreat: Chemical preparations used in activated sludge systems.
Biobooster: Dry microorganism and nutriens series providing regeneration of biological systems without any side effects on next steps.

Innovative technologies to increase the capacity of the biological plant and to ensure optimal reduction of COD, P and N and to strengthen biology against poisons.
Defoamer and Odor Remover:

 Kuriflock and Contraspum®: The advanced silicone-based and silicone-free defoamer portfolio with low COD additive meets the needs of specific applications and complies with BfR (Bundesinstitut für Risikoanalyse) and FDA requirements.
Kurita / Ferrosolf® and Kurirazer: Special products for true chemical odor control and neutralization and absorbers against unpleasant odors (eg Mercaptan, H2S)
 We have many years of experience in the treatment of many different types of wastewater in different sectors. Our solutions allow you to reduce your costs while providing a plant operation that complies with the legislation and respects the environment. Our goal is to contribute to improving your conditioning processes while reducing water consumption with sludge and waste production. We are working with you wherever possible to investigate the possibilities of water reuse and therefore aim to control all areas of water.

Reducing operating costs 
Improving water quality 
Optimizing operational performance
 Ensuring water recovery 
Complying with legislation 
Do you need support? Our experienced specialists will be happy to share their recommendations for our tailor-made solutions.

Coagulants and Flocculants.
Wastewater yielded via industrial processes contains various pollutants in dissolved and undissolved forms. Mechanical processes such as filtration, sedimentation or flotation should be applied in order to bring the pollutants in the wastewater below the limit values before they are discharged into the sewage system.

The specific use of coagulants and flocculants optimizes the separation of suspended particles, solids and sludge from wastewater, which can not be separated from the water by flotation or sedimentation processes without these chemical additives.

Kurita offers a wide range of organic and inorganic coagulants for the removal of phosphorus, sulfates and other critical components (eg F, As) as well as different Al salts. In addition, Kurita's special adsorption agents reduce COD, BOD, HC and colorants in waste water treatment plants.

Kurita offers a wide range of powder products as well as emulsion polymers, oil-free dispersion polymers, water-based flocculants, ready-to-use solutions and new generation acrylamide-free flocculants.

Full pre-treatment of drinking water in accordance with the relevant norms.

Emulsion Crushers.
The disintegration of emulsions plays a crucial role in the performance of an effective wastewater treatment process. Even the separation of only the oil phase from the waste water permits trouble-free waste water treatment and discharge. Furthermore, when the amount of water in the oil is reduced, the volume of the separated oil and the cost of disposal will be significantly reduced. In some cases, the oil-water separation process results in a highly efficient, salable quality oil.

The use of Kurita's emulsion crushers and their process-specific adaptations increases the efficiency of your emulsion crushing system, which results in higher productivity at a lower cost.

In industrial processes, foam is often inevitable and can have many root causes. Excessive foam can cause problems and even compromise operational safety. Using the correct defoamer, the foam is quenched and / or its formation is prevented.

In many industrial processes and systems with wastewater such as wastewater treatment plants, emulsion crushing plants, storage tanks and holding tanks, unpleasant odors result from various substances or disintegration products in the waste water.

Kurita odor absorbers remove odors, prevent the formation of corrosive hydrogen sulfide, and can eliminate even existing odors from H2S.

Customized Solutions.
Wastewater treatment plants are special because of the many factors affecting the processes such as waste water quality, production processes, pollutants, plant design: We offer tailored solutions to your needs. We examine wastewater problems by taking all factors into account that affect every point from the beginning of water consumption to the discharge point.