Boiler Water

Steam is required for different purposes in almost all branches of industry. For example, process steam, heating steam supplied to industrial customers and households, or steam required to generate electricity for turbines. Accurate boiler water conditioning is essential to achieve the highest efficiency in the boiler system. Lime and deposit formation, corrosion, spot overheating and vapor transport causes problems in boilers, which can reduce operational safety and result in enormous economic damage. To be able to prevent these damages, Kurita offers innovative technologies aimed at avoiding lime and corrosion formation in all parts of boiler systems, such as feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems.

Kurita offers a full range of conditioning programs for a wide range of applications: 

  • Steam production boilers  
  • Closed circuit water systems
  •  Industrial and district heating systems 

What are Kurita's specialty products?

  • Cetamine®: An innovative and comprehensive film-former amine-based technology used to prevent corrosion, deposit formation and lime in boiler systems and has special applications for kosher production.
  • Ferrolix®: Classic water conditioning programs designed to protect all types of boilers and to prevent corrosion, lime and deposit formation in boiler systems. The products can be used in one-component forms or in all-in-one combinations.
  • Ferrolix A-6060: Non-toxic oxygen scavenger formulated to replace hydrazine, which is no longer allowed for use due to its toxicity.
  • Prevents damaging materials 
  • Provides optimal heat transfer without local overheating
  •  Minimizes possible system downtime 
  • Prevents overheating and the risk of lime and deposit formation on turbine blades in case of possible steam removal 
  • Extends the life of your systems

Do you need support? Our experienced specialists will be happy to share their recommendations for our tailor-made solutions.

Cetamine Technology
 Cetamine® Technology is a comprehensive and innovative technology for boiler water conditioning. With this technology, which is based on the formation of a hydrophobic amine film layer adsorbed on metal surfaces at every point of the system, corrosion is prevented by forming a continuous barrier that does not affect heat transfer between water and metal. CETAMINE® Conditioning is the latest and most advanced technology on its field and offers an easy way to control your entire system with a single product.

Oxygen Scavengers.
Even if there is very little dissolved oxygen in the boiler water, it may cause corrosion in water supply lines, boiler, steam and condensate systems. It is not possible to completely remove this oxygen by mechanical deaeration. Kurita effectively removes dissolved oxygen by applying volatile and non-volatile oxygen scavengers, some of which are also suitable for the food industry.

Lime Inhibitors / Prevention of Lime and Accumulation in Boilers.
The formation of lime and deposit in boilers and especially in heating pipes reduces the efficiency of the boilers and poses a serious risk in terms of safety. Calcium carbonate  layers or deposits layers originated by other minerals significantly reduce heat transfer in boiler tubes, even if they are very thin. As a result, much higher energy is consumed for steam generation, or the amount of steam obtained is not sufficient for the following equipment and equipments using steam. The formation of thicker mineral-based lime and deposit layers can cause pipes to burst due to deformation or overheating, which is an extremely dangerous hazard to personnel.

Kurita uses phosphate and polymer based lime inhibitors. The ions which have the potential to form lime and sediment in water are bound, dispersed and removed from the boiler by blowdown current. This effect prevents lime and deposit formation in the boiler and heating pipes.

Alkalization of Sap, Steam and Condensate.
Corrosion on equipment after the boiler is mainly caused by condensate CO2 (carbon dioxide). In the liquid phase, CO2 forms carbonic acid, which dissolves and lowers the pH value in the condensate, resulting in corrosion.
Kurita offers a wide range of neutralizing amines suitable for use in low, medium and high pressure boilers as well as multi-component products that can neutralize the carbonic acid formed at any point in the steam and condensate system to prevent corrosion formed in this way on steam and condensate lines.