The Geothermal Energy industry has quadrupled its capacity in the last 10 years and has become one of the most environmentally friendly energies booming.
Geothermal energy is sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly and although it is limited to areas near tectonic boundaries, it has a direct effect where technological improvements,establishment of new facilities and market expansion for which this source can be used.
Of course, this technology also has difficulties. Due to soil drilling and the variety of substances in the soil that vary from land to land, some problems may be encountered at the geothermal production site: 

  • Wear 
  • Large amount of silica deposits 
  • Microbiological growth 
  • Liming problems 
  • Liquid pollution 
  • PbS and BaSO4 deposits 

Kurita is the ideal partner to help increase daily production in geothermal fields and reduce the natural challenges of geothermal technology.

Our geothermal product range covers the maintenance of different areas in the process and provides innovative solutions for turbines, drilling machines and so on.

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